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Chicken Leg with Thigh + Boneless Chicken Breast
Perfect Combo for small family, Tandoori Lovers, Protein for gym goers and so on
500 Grams + 500 Grams
₹ 415.00₹ 445.00
Chicken Bonelss Cubes
99 Store
Chicken with zero bones. Heat, steam, fry, grill - Indian, Chinese, Continental - any option will work well
200 Grams
₹ 99.00
Madras 65 Masala
Chicken 65 was created as a gesture to welcome Indian soldiers home. It’s unforgettable flavour skyrocketed in popularity and evolved into the legendary dish it is today. P.S - The Chicken 65 recipe is named after the year of its invention, 1965, not because it has 65 different spices.
100 Gms (50 g X 2)
₹ 199.00
Chicken Drumsticks without Skin
A pack of enriched iron and zinc that is essential for your healthy immune system at a completely affordable pricing. The lower part of the chicken leg is mineral enriched and abundant for micronutrient content. Serve your best self with Barbeque, crispy tandoori or roasted chicken with our finely cut chicken drumsticks.
500 Grams
₹ 180.00₹ 195.00
Chicken Breast - Boneless
Big occasions or sudden guest? Don’t get stressed? We serve you the best! Neatly trimmed, boneless and skinless breast! We serve you with a neat pack of lean protein, which is an expensive cut of chicken. Grill, bake, roast, fry, barbecue and boil in as many ways as your taste buds want you to!
500 Grams
₹ 240.00₹ 265.00
Goat Biryani cut
Who cares what the question is, the answer is Mutton Biriyani, and shhhhh! The secret to a delicious Biriyani is buying the right cuts of meat! We offer you with just that right cut, nothing more, nothing less by our expert butcher coz we want you to experience the ultimate richness. Best for all types of biriyanis and Pulaos. Tips to delicious Biriyani: The secret ingredient is ‘love’. Try it and tell us!
500 Grams
₹ 475.00₹ 520.00
Goat Boneless Pieces
Mutton boneless coz you definitely don’t deserve ‘kabab me haddi’. A pack of fresh, quality ensured, succulent and luscious chunks of boneless pieces with heavenly taste. This is a perfect choice to enjoy a hassle free meal with the pieces cut by our expert butchers to meet your meat needs!
500 Grams
₹ 695.00₹ 740.00

It's sweet to eat Mutton.

Mutton Curry Cut
Party Packs
Our flavour packed lean meat flawlessly cut from the goat finest parts is to serve you with a pack full of not just tasty, but abundance of nutritious goodness adding distinctive flavour to your favourite dish.
2 Kg
₹ 1840.00₹ 2075.00
Mutton Chops
There can’t be a more delicious starter for a meat lover, than mutton chops. There’s magic in every bit of the goat rib chop that we serve you. Our expert butchers leave no stone untouched in flawlessly shaping the ribs and grounding to perfection to add more beautiful view when served, alongside the delicate flavour.
500 Grams
₹ 480.00₹ 520.00
Lamb Mince (keema)
Kari Kadai serves you with the flavourful and fat slimmed, perfectly minced kheema with the richness in it’s texture. Be it koftas or pizzas; Our lamb mince is a hero!
500 Grams
₹ 700.00₹ 730.00
Mutton Nalli Cut (Bone Marrow)
The all-time favourite of all families, mutton curry cut with bone-in provides you a perfect balance between bones and meat.
500 Grams
₹ 485.00₹ 540.00

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